Media exposure for visionary brands

Coverstories helps brands publish their stories in news media and apps — in a stunning mobile-first design.

Design brand in financial newspaper
CASE: Coverstories by high-end lighting manufacturer Brand van Egmond reached an open rate of 1% in the app of Het Financieele Dagblad. That's 4x the industry average for native advertising.

Easy design
Design your own magazine stories with our intuitive editor. It's as easy as posting on social media.

Brand-safe exposure
Engage thousands of readers in news sites and apps, with open rates of up to 12x the industry average.

Memberships from € 99 / month
Choose a plan that suits your organisation. Special rates for agencies and licensing for publishers.


Why was Coverstories designed?

Visionary brands deserve a beautiful and compelling way to get their stories in the media. Coverstories offers the digital equivalent of a branded special in a printed newspaper or magazine. Our goal is to rid the world of ugly advertorials and confusing native ads, by standing out instead of blending in.

How does it work?

We distribute Coverstories in the mobile ad space of the media titles of your choice. With one tap, your cover opens into a fullscreen, scrollable magazine story. Coverstories can carry long form articles as well as video’s and photography. The call to action at the end takes readers to any of your own webpages. Readers can always return to the host publication by tapping the close button.

Who can use Coverstories?

Our clients include brands, creative agencies, PR firms, and branded content teams at publishers. Coverstories work particularly well for tech companies, financial services, NGO’s, cultural institutions and heritage brands.

How can Coverstories help to reach our campaign goals?
Coverstories get an open rate that’s generally a multiple of the benchmark for native advertising. Readers dive into your story, take in your message and are guided gently to your call to action. Here you can get conversions depending on your campaign goal: drive downloads, get subscriptions and followers, invite people to a shopping page or make them sign up for an event.

What is your pricing model?

Coverstories offers brands three annual membership plans for always-on branded publishing:

€ 399 / month

Cultural & NGO
€ 299 / month

€ 99 / month

Custom campaigns are available from € 99 per day, depending on your media selection. Special rates apply for creative agencies. For publishers we offer a Starter License and Partner License.

Prices exclude value added tax / BTW.

Do you produce content too?
We don’t have our own creative studio, but we’re happy to provide editorial and visual support to optimally transform your existing branded content into a Coverstory.

Why choose Coverstories over older native advertising solutions?
Native advertising is a messy space where brands have lost influence over the way their stories are presented. You either have to face questionable content appearing alongside your articles or your stories appearing on low-quality websites for the sake of reach. Our mission is to infuse native advertising with beauty and accountability while embracing the ever expanding power of mobile.

How do you keep out clickbait and fake news?
No Coverstory will ever be published without a pair of human eyes checking the suitability and editorial quality of its content, as well as compliance with our general terms and conditions.

Does Coverstories require special technical integration on the publishers’ side?
Coverstories works with most SSP’s and existing ad tech and doesn’t require complicated custom integration.

What kind of tracking, analytics and reporting do you offer?
We measure the open rate, number of readers, call to action traffic and time spent on a Coverstory and give our clients access to a detailed performance report.


Here's how to get in touch
Are you tired of ugly advertorials and confusing native ads? Would you like to see the stories of you brand on a cover? Please don’t hesitate and get in touch with our team.

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